Hiii, my name is Issac/Zack and im remaking my old neocities webpage...I am a chilean minor, neurodivergent and hobby artist. (sorry if my english is not than good, english is my 2nd languaje and very poor tbh hehe).

I like to draw, paint, and watch funny things on the internet, my blog is still in work but im trying my best to finish it lul.

I dont have much to say, im not good with informatic and html, due to my ADHD, its a little bit hard to me to study these things, but theyre a current special interest ^^ hehe. My current hyperfixations are about art, media on the internet and videos on youtube, like, in a big general context, i am a little too attached to my interests, and favorite things, I mostly gatekeeping things that i like, because i have a somewhat selfish mentality lol, but also, if we share interests, or things that i talked about before, you can talk to me with total confidence... (Also please if you are going to talk to me, do it with respect, i am a little shy and when i meet new ppl i am very awkward)